The Casting Shot

  • Headshots that look like you.
  • Headshots that represent your visual stereotype.
  • Headshots that hint at your acting range.
The role of a casting shot is to get you into auditions that you are visually right for. The more auditions you get into the more your network of casting directors increase.

For an in-depth article read this: Actors Headshots as a Marketing Tool

Why a professional headshot?
These words are from Michael Helms. One of the most established headshot photographers in LA.

“There is an unsettling trend where actors are having friends shoot snap shots of them and then using those “natural” images for their head shots. It’s sort of Reality TV comes to head shots. As I see it, that trend screams a lack of professionalism and is horribly self defeating. In order to be taken seriously, an actors first impression has to be a high priority and with the internet, there is even LESS time to make that first impression, so it had better be good. There are SO MANY people who are claiming to be photographers because they just bought a new digital camera, but they don’t know an f stop from a bus stop. Basically if a photographer does ANYTHING else for a living and/or hasn’t been in this business for more than 5 years, then just walk away.”
For more info on good UK headshot photographers see here: the APHP

"I have seen an exponential increase in artists auditions / casting when they have the right photographer take the right shots. Headshots are an integral investment to your career. It’s the first impression - don’t let it be the last."
Tom Fitz - Simon & How Associates.


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